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Joffe Books are relaunching the Monika Series for kindle, and there are special launch offer s- not to be missed!

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Great News - a Fabulous, Fascinating New Monika Paniatowski Mystery!



The 14th book  in the DCI Monika Paniatowski Series:

DCI Monika Paniatowski faces an old enemy – and makes a fatal mistake with the potential to poison her whole career.


Jordan Gough is an important man. He’s the town’s biggest benefactor. He is the proprietor of the Whitebridge Evening Telegraph. He owns the local football team.

He is also, DCI Monika Paniatowski thinks, as bent as a corkscrew – and if she had any evidence, she’d put him away like a shot. A single encounter with him as a young detective sergeant left an impression she’s never forgotten. And neither, she is certain, has he.

So when Jordan calls and demands to speak to Monika – and only Monika – she is on immediate high alert. He claims someone’s trying to kill him, but why has he destroyed the evidence? Why turn for help to an officer he hates?

Certain she’s the target of a twisted practical joke, Monika makes a terrible mistake – one that could destroy everything she holds dear.

The fourteenth DCI Monika Paniatowski mystery is a powerful and dark tale of revenge, secrets and lies, which grips you tight as it reveals twist after stunning twist.


"It’s always a pleasure when the prolific Spencer returns to her Paniatowski series, and this installment—with a cracking plot, barbed dialogue, and plenty of action—is a standout."

(Booklist review by Emily Melton)

"Read this one quickly, before someone spoils the surprise."

(Kirkus review)

A Murder of No Consequence is still a great deal at 99p/99c


​The Ist novel in the Inspector Ruiz Mysteries:

In the political turmoil of July 1936, murder on the streets of Madrid has become so commonplace that it passes largely unnoticed. But for Inspector Paco Ruiz, the death of a young woman in Retiro Park has a significance that even he does not fully understand.


Battling against official hostility and attempts on his own life, Paco finds himself being pulled deeper and deeper into a dark web of lies and treachery.


As well as providing a thrilling and intriguing mystery, A Murder of No Consequence paints a vivid picture of a society - and a way of life - on the verge of collapse.

Click here to see a  full review:

Lume kindle ed. 2018. This book was first published by Robert Hale Ltd in 1999

James Garcia Woods is a pen name of Alan Rustage, who also writes as Sally Spencer

Lume now publishes the 3 books in the Inspector Paco Ruiz Mysteries,
so look out for more promos!
Also available from Lume:
           Six of the books in the Blackstone Series as ebooks, other books in the Inspector Paco Ruiz Mysteries - The General's Dog and The Fifth Column, as well as The Stalker, Violation, The Vital Chain, A Conspiracy of Aunts, The Madeiran Double Cross and Pilgrimage of Death
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A Conspiracy of Aunts
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Great Review of the latest series

Jenny Redhead Mysteries

Private investigator Jennie Redhead finds her loyalties divided when she investigates the decades-old murder of a college student. 

Booklist review of the Ist book in this series (Highlights - to see the full review, click on the button below).

Following the success of her Woodend and Paniatowski novels, the multitalented Spencer introduces a new series starring Jennie Redhead, whose name and hair match. Jennie is a curious, clever woman who, despite her working-class background, won a place at Oxford and went on to join the police. But that didn’t work out when she blew the whistle on her boss, so she resigned and set up her own detective agency  ...


 ... Spencer scores another top-notch hit with this new series, which features her usual skillful writing, clever plotting, and intriguing characters. 
— Emily Melton

What the critics think of Sally Spencer

 Spencer’s skillful writing, clever plotting, and colorful characters, combined with her insights into what makes humans—and especially cops—tick, make this a crime novel to savor.

Booklist * Starred Review of  The Hidden

Spencer scores another top-notch hit with this new series, which features her usual skilful writing, clever plotting, and intriguing characters.

Booklist on The Shivering Turn

A mesmerizing page-turner that will appeal to fans of historical sagas

Booklist on The Silent Land

Strong and varied characters, a fine period mystery with a clever plot.

Booklist on Blackstone and the Heart of Darkness


An ingenious puzzle that goes straight to the Heart.

Kirkus  * Starred Review of A Death Left Hanging


Another outstanding entry in this excellent series.

Booklist  * Starred Review of Backlash


"This is a cracking good series, with this latest entry quite possibly being the best yet

Booklist  * Starred Review of Dying Fall


"Spencer's finest hour: a tightly plotted puzzler with surprises at every turn."
Kirkus Review  * Starred Review of The Red Herring 

Now available in paperback

A Conspiracy of Aunts

A Conspiracy of Aunts


Robert – or Rob or Bobby as his aunts like to call him – is a child prodigy at bridge.

After his mother was drowned at sea, the young master tactician was left to be brought up by her four responsibility-shirking sisters, Jacqueline, Peggy, Catherine and Sadie.


All Rob remembers about his mother are her words of guiding wisdom, but unbeknownst to him, his aunts have made a solemn pact never to reveal exactly how his mother died...

A Conspiracy of Aunts seeks to discover the dark forces at work in the mind of a serial killer - while distracting the reader with its black humour.


Available now for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Great Review of A Murder of No Consequence


By Eager Reader:  I am writing this review having read all three of this author's civil war novels, as well as the three Inspector Woodend/Inspector Monika Paniatowski British mysteries that overlap events in Spain, utilizing the wonderful character of detective Paco Ruiz, first introduced in "A Murder of No Consequence." 


Of all Spencer's books I've read, my favorites were this one and the last of the six ("Death's Dark Shadow").

The author has not only lived in Spain, as stated, but must have experienced it to a degree most British transplants do not.  ... Spencer KNOWS Spain, with an outstanding grasp of the events surrounding the Civil War--pre, during, and post.


He writes with delightful fluidity. His characters are influenced by history and culture, but they are also well developed to drive the plot.

I had just begun my exploration into Kindle Unlimited books, and I must say how astonished I am to find such a serious yet fun, scholarly yet sensitive novel that costs nothing other than a number of fulfilling hours of reading time.


Many thanks to Eager Reader for this excellent and thoughtful review!


Great News! The Hidden, a recent Monika Mystery , wins a Booklist STARRED REVIEW

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