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Great News! This fascinating series is now available as an omnibus:
The Inspector Ruiz Mysteries: A mystery box of the Spanish Civil War
  ....  and is a real Steal - (in UK and US) 3 books for just £0.99/$0.99 
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Now available as an ebook (£6.02) and  paperback (£12.99):

          Dead End  - the latest Monika Paniatowski Mystery

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Dead End


He was going to have to terminate Monika, he decided. It was a pity, but there it was.


The body has lain buried for years, and has no face and no fingertips.


Monika Paniatowski's team have no real leads, but when they discuss the case at her hospital bedside - where she lies paralysed - Monika begins to see possible links with a case she closed four years earlier.


Are the two cases connected? Did the first murder make the second almost inevitable?


She doesn't know, but she does know that she is being watched by an old enemy who will kill her if he decides there is ever any chance of her sharing her thoughts and information with her team.


"Solid writing and a plot full of unexpected twists make this a good read, but it’s Paniatowski’s diverse, quirky, and talented team that elevates this one to beyond the rank and file of British procedurals."

(Booklist review by Emily Melton)

A Permanent STEAL!
to continue to introduce new readers to Sally Spencer
Blackstone and the Rendezvous with Death (2015) (The first book in the Inspector Sam Blackstone series)
  ....  is now a Permanent Steal at 99p or 99c (US)!

Great Reviews for The Stalker!

Great News!! The Hidden, a fascinating Monika Mystery , wins  a                                                  Booklist STARRED REVIEW

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Another Good Review

Booklist's review of "Death in Diguise" has a fantastic summary:

"A gripping plot, twists aplenty, good pacing, and the tough yet vulnerable Monika make this an engrossing read in Spencer’s British procedural series set in the 1970s.



Big thanks to Booklist  Click here to read full review